*.oqtane.me - Get Started with Oqtane in Seconds

Oqtane is an awesome, modern, .net5 / .net6 open source modular application framework ...

For developers to quickly get started, you often need a domain like demo.oqtane.me. This is especially important for Oqtane, because the server also needs to find this domain for things to work.

That's where Oqtane.Me helps. Every domain *.oqtane.me (except for www.oqtane.me) points to your localhost

  • IP4:
  • IP6 ::1

So go ahead, get started with Oqtane!

With 💖 from the 2sxc team in Switzerland and Croatia

PS: Here are some Ideas what you can call your Test-Site

  1. just-testing.oqtane.me
  2. my-first-try.oqtane.me
  3. wonder-app.oqtane.me
  4. i-think-this-should-work.oqtane.me

Resources to get Started

Resources to Make it Awesome